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Natural Ventilation

In continuation of research conducted at LESO / EPFL, Estia has developped special expertise in the field of natural ventilation.For each project, the potential for passive cooling through openings is subject to a detailed exploration (design, design and positioning of the opening, automation, etc.). The experience accumulated by the team is utilized to avoid summer overheating, especially for our projects in Mediterranean climates. We are also deeply involved in the development and maintenance of specific simulation tools.


... some other emblematic projects

  • Primary school Savièse, rk studio

  • Bicubic Theater - Romont, Grobety architecture

  • Sports hall le Pierrier - Montreux - fastt architectes

  • Headquarter VALE International SA - St Prex, Architram

  • International Geneva School, CCHE

  • Gym hall, Châtel St Denis, Virdis Architecture

  • ..., etc.


Some emblematic projects

Stack effect ventilation / Clinique des Grangettes, Arch. E. Dunant
Hybrid ventilation / City Hall Nicosie: Conference room, Arch. Kritioti
Natural ventilation of large volumes / Sports Hall Borex-Crassier, Arch. Mann Capua Mann
Software development / DIAL+Cooling
Passive cooling / Horlogerie AgenHor, BCR Architectes

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We apologize for not being able to mention here all the projects we have had the privilege and the pleasure to work on.

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