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Daylight is not only considered as a renewable energy: it is also seen as a structuring element of the project. The specific treatment of direct and diffuse flows, and the integration with artificial light are addressed in close collaboration with the architects, in order to best serve the users requirements.


The DIAL+Lighting software, developed entirely by Estia, is a reference tool for major French engineering firms to simulate daylight factors values and daylighting autonomy.

Some emblematic projects

Shading studies TAOUA Project, Lausanne, Arch. Pont 12
Ambient lighting simulations Maison de l'écriture, Exhibition hall, Arch. Mangeat-Wahlen
Mock-up studies Refurbishment CNIT- Paris La Défense, Arch. Bruhlmann CrochonRénovation CNIT Paris l
Lighting concept / luminaires Metro M2, Lausanne
Daylight Autonomy calculation Swiss Cortex Fribourg, Arch. CCHE

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... some other emblematic projects

  • City-Hall of NicosiaCyprus, arch. Irwin Kriotiki

  • ITA Roof Projekt, HIB Building, ETHZ, arch. Gramazio / Kohler

  • CEP Nyon , arch. Aeby & Pernegger

  • ACPC Fribourg, arch. Butikofer, de Oliveira & Vernay

  • UEFA, Nyon, arch. Bassi-Carella

  • UBS Pleyad, Saint-Denis, arch. Bleas & Leroy

  • Business Park Prilly, arch. CCHE

  • Turbomeca factory, Pau, France, arch. Brunerie Irissou

  • Rumine museum, SIPAL

  • Abbaye Saint-Vaast Museum, Arras, arch. O. Chaslin

  • Espace Rebeyrolles Museum, Limoges, arch. O. Chaslin

  • Carnavalet museum, Paris, arch. MAW

  • ..., etc..


We apologize for not being able to mention here all the projects we have had the privilege and the pleasure to work on.

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