Thermal Performance

The challenge for every new project is to reduce the energy demand, while respecting the architectural project.

Our approach is based on finding an optimal balance regarding the form factor, the building envelope composition, (glazed areas & insulated surfaces) and the technical details for eliminating thermal bridges.
Every decision is supported by simulations or calculations to compare objectively the potential of different variants.

Some emblematic projects

Adéquation entre technique et enveloppe Rénovation du Gymnase d'Yverdon, Arch CCHE
Optimisation énergétique de façades lisses Headquarter Nespresso, Lausanne, Arch. CCHE
Amélioration thermique de bâtiments historiques Ecole de Florimont, Ville de Lausanne
Bâtiments Minergie-P Foyer Sècheron, Ville de Genève, Arch. BFIK
Synergie enveloppe thermique / procédé industriel Usine Swisspor, Châtel Saint Denis, Arch. Cadosh

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• Fondation Brocher, Hermance (arch. A&HM)
• Salle du Castillo de Vevey (arch. Architecum)
• Lake Geneva Park (arch. CCHE)
• Usine Luxit Châtel-St-Denis (arch. Cadosh)
• Centre Commercial Raduga St-Petersburg (Vinci grand projets)

• Grand Théatre de Genève (Atelier MARCH)
• Grand-Rive Parc / Nespresso (arch. CCHE)

... et bien d'autres encore !


We apologize for not being able to mention here all the projects we have had the privilege and the pleasure to work on.

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