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Collage ©Peer Dalbruna

Technical Expertise

To solve a building problem or a physical disorder, the Estia approach is to make an extended diagnosis using a wide range of sophisticated instruments (infrared camera, temperatures and humidity sensors, CO2 detector, Blower-Door, fish-eye camera, luminancemeter, reflectometer, luxmeter, etc.). The collected information are supplemented by the analysis of the construction details and are also validated by numerical simulation.

Our proximity with Solar Energy Labortory (LESO-PB) allows us to use the EPFL equipment when necessary (artificial sky, heliodon).

Some emblematic projects

Etude de reflets
Analyse de dégats liés à la physique du bâtiment Immeuble de logements à Chavornay
Analyse du confort visuel Bâtiment administratif Genève
Tests d'étanchéité à l'air Maison Minergie-P à Sierre
Thermographie Rénovation bâtiment et commerces Mercerie, Lausanne Arch. CBMM
Conception de bâtiments à climats particuliers Nouvelle patinoire d'entraînement Fribourg, Arc. Lore

Click on the images to access detailed information

  • Hygrothermal analysis of Saignelégier rink,

  • Thermographic analysis of municipal buildings,Orbe ,

  • Hygrothermal analysis of Bex church (arch. Nicole&Dubois),

  • Analysis of a movable blinds system (arch. Studio Albini, Milano),

  • Visual comfort analysis of the drivers position (Renault-Trucks / Volvo Trucks),

  • Sunshine analysis UEFA building, Nyon (arch. Bassi-Carella),

  • Sunshine analysis Home Rive-Neuve (arch. Brauen&Waelchli),

  • ..., etc.


We apologize for not being able to mention here all the projects we have had the privilege and the pleasure to work on.

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