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Transport & environment


Estia is a pioneer in the environmental analysis of transport. The Estia-VIA method was developed in 2006 to analyze in a single pass the impacts on climate change, the effects on human health and ecosystems, resource consumption and noise emissions.
Partly based on Ecoinvent® data, this original method allowed Estia to play a major role  in the assessment of all environmental impacts associated with travel.
In 2007, Estia was awarded in partnership with, the award for best partnership in sustainable development at the International Fair of Transport and Logistics (Paris).

Home to work trips

ONU agency, Geneva

E-commerce environmental evaluation

French federation e-commerce & distance selling (FEVAD)

Waterway transport

Ports de Lille

DIAL+Cooling : Thermal dynamic simulation
Double skin facade - Geneva
Ecole internationale de Genève / Arch CCHE

Modal shift


City Hall Nicosie (Cyprus) /Arch Kritioti

Location for new infrastructure


UN building (HCG) Geneva

... some other emblematic projects



  • Auchandirect

  • Telemarket

  • Holcim

  • Nestlé

  • Nestlé Waters

  • Danone

  • Coliposte

  • Lhoist


We apologize for not being able to mention here all the projects we have had the privilege and the pleasure to work on.

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