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Ella s'informe / ©Peer Dalbruna

The founding members of Estia have all made a doctoral thesis at LESO-PB / EPFL.

Literally, research is the key element of their meeting.

From its inception, the company's ambition was to create a bridge between the laboratory and practice. This vocation is still very much alive and is somehow the Estia trademark. This feature is reflected in particular in the development of methods and tools which, when finances permit, are marketed, maintained and distributed by the company.



Some emblematic projects

Prescient building Operations utilizing Real Time data for ENergy Dynamic Optimization
E-DYCE, Energy flexible DYnamic building CErtification
Projet ReCO2ST
Smart Living Lab
Advanced Fenestration Design Tool

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... some other emblematic projects

IEA SHC Task 61 / EBC Annex 77 “Integrated solutions for daylighting and electric lighting”

Global Lighting Performance : Effective use of shading devices (OFEN Project)

• CTI Project "Façades béton composite" Partenship Estia - EPFL / LAURE


IEA-50 : International Energy Agency : Advanced Lighiting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings

• DIAL-Europe: EPFL - Estia - FhG IBP - Universits of Cambrige  - TNO Eindhoven

• Neurobat project Partnership Estia - EPFL / CSEM.

• Albatros Project Partnership Estia - EPFL.


ReCO2ST is a H2020 European Union Project addressing the challenges of attaining zero and near-zero energy buildings.

Smart Living Lab

Conception d'un module de bureau optimisé

du point de vue de la thermique  d'hiver et d'été

International Energy Agency

IEA-62 : Venticool

the international platform for ventilative cooling

OFEN Project "Global Lighting"

Effective use of shading devices

International Energy Agency

IEA-50 : Advanced Lighting solutions for Retrofitting Buildings

 CTI Project "Advanced fenestration design tool"

DIAL+ software

CTI Project "Façades béton composite"

Partenship Estia - EPFL / LAURE

Neurobat project

Partnership Estia - EPFL / CSEM

Albatros Project

Partnership Estia - EPFL

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