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Diagnosis for Refurbishment

After a detailed visit of a given building, and the analysis of the constructive and technical elements supported by an energy assessment, the Estia team is able to draw refurbishment strategies adapted to the building owner objectives.

The energy analysis can be supplemented by a comprehensive review of the state of degradation of the building and the technical installations. The team of Estia also offers complete monitoring including verification of actual consumption before and after refurbishment.


The "EPIQR+" diagnosis method, that is developed and maintained by Estia, allows for a systematic approach of the building degradation status (housing, administrative buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, etc.).
Several hundred buildings were examined by Estia with this method since 2003. When appraisals relate to a set of of buildings, it allows the manager to have a global overview on the building stock and facilitates planning refurbishments.

Some emblematic projects

Building an technical installation status / Diagnosis of Migros-Vaud building stock
EPIQR+ software / Development & maintenance since 1998
Specific refurbishment scenarii /Education buildings of Ville de Lausanne
Cost of the works / Swatch Group Immeubles
Consommation d'énergie / Tours de Gilamont, City of Veve

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... some other emblematic projects

  • International Geneva Airport,

  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise,

  • Caisse de Pensions - Swatch Group Immeubles,

  • City of Payerne,

  • Geneva State,

  • Fondations Immobilières de Droit Public,

  • Fond Immobilier Romand à Lausanne,

  • Hopitaux Universitaires de Genève,

  • Hôpitaux Neuchâtelois,

  • Manor (Maus Frères SA),

  • Migros Vaud,

  • Réseau Santé Valais,

  • Retraites Poppulaires,

  • Ville de Lausanne,

  • Ville de Genève,

  • Ville de Nyon,

  • Ville de Vernier,

  • etc.


We apologize for not being able to mention here all the projects we have had the privilege and the pleasure to work on.

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