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An innovative building stock management method

Investimmo is a decision support tool designed for professionals in the maintenance and renovation of real estate assets.

It was developed in the framework of a European Research Project in collaboration with the EPFL in order to develop a new culture in real estate management.

Its main objective is to establish a multi-year investment strategy.

Depending on to the criteria defined by the owner, INVESTIMMO makes it possible to determine,which buildings are to be renovated, in what way and according to what schedule. The idea is to conduct a multi-criteria analysis to validate the renovation at the strategic level.
This multi-criteria analysis is open and can take into account social, environmental, architectural and financial indicators.
Each owner defines the criteria it needs. The method offers different levels of analysis that allow to establish a sustainable and rational investment plan.


The park observatory makes it easy to represent how the building stock is structured in relation to different variables that the user can choose or define himself. It draws a synthetic and global picture of the park through indicators such as the level of degradation, energy consumption, maintenance costs, or any other variable.

It helps the analyst evaluate the real investment needs to maintain the average age of the building stock by allowing to assess the effect of different investment rates.

INVESTIMMO it possible to move away from a historical vision of investments in renovation, which is no longer sufficient today if we consider the ageing of the fleet, both in Switzerland and in Europe, and helps the managers to integrate ambitious performance objectives in both energy, environmental and societal terms.

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